Lake Balaton, Hungary - Despite uncertain conditions where several boats took their turns in the lead of the final race, the Dutch team of Herman van Eijk and Jan-Willem Van den Hondel prevailed in the fourth and final race sailed yesterday to win the ORC Sportboat European Championship, hosted by Balatonfüredi Yacht Club. Being ISAF Group 1 sailors, the pair racing their Smile 22 Bluesmile have also won the top prize for the Corinthian division.

2015.05.25. 15:05

Unstable light conditions make fair racing impossible; today a 9-mile inshore substitute race is added to options to complete the event. After a two hour delay ashore, race managers from the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club headed out to the lake with the intent to set windward/leeward courses in the third day of competition at the ORC Sportboat European Championship.

2015.05.24. 07:05

After brief delay, two inshore races held yesterday in continued cold, rainy conditions.

Lake Balaton, Hungary - The cold rainy weather affecting eastern Europe is for millions putting a damper on the start of the holiday weekend, but here on Lake Balaton the competition continues undaunted, with two inshore races held yesterday in the ORC Sportboat European Championship. Having now completed the offshore race and two inshore races, just one more race is needed in the next two days to validate this year's event according to the ORC's                                        championship rules (aka, the Green Book).

2015.05.23. 08:05

With a dying breeze, the 27-mile distance race yesterday favored fast boats in the 27-boat fleet

Lake Balaton, Hungary - In cool and rainy conditions that ranged from a brisk 15-18 knots of shifty wind at the start to dying down to nearly nothing towards the finish, racing got underway yesterday in the 2015 ORC Sportboat European Championship, hosted at Balatonfüred YC. A 27-mile distance race course was set around the eastern half of Lake Balaton, central Europe's largest lake, to give competitors in the 27-boat fleet a chance to perform in a wide variety of wind angles and wind speeds.

2015.05.22. 08:05


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